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Award Winning tour Guide - Pete Baxendell

PETE BAXENDELL, owner/driver and an accredited guide & naturalist, was born and bred in the native bush of East Africa.

From his earliest recollections, he was immersed in the ageless wisdom of his native land.

He graduated as a Forest Officer, where one of his primary responsibilities was tracking illegal bands of wild animal poachers.

He subsequently aided the Kenya Security Forces with his exceptional tracking abilities.
  Pete Baxendell - Award Winning Tour Guide and Naturalist for Daintree Specialised Tours  
Pete worked as a professional guide in the East African Safari industry followed by successful management of extensive plantations in both Tanzania and Papua New Guinea.
Over 15 years of
Green Practices

This international background has allowed him to excel as an elite Tour Guide and Operator, creating a unique niche in Tropical North Queensland. Over the last decade plus, since moving to Australia, Pete's interest in nature and passion for bush medicines & foods continues to expand. 


Pete Baxendell as a traacker for the Kenyan Government
Pete Baxendell, A True Man of the Bush

- excerpts from the article by Shane Nichols - Editor of the Port Douglas Gazette/News Corp

"...Taking guests on his (Pete) private tours to a roster of secret spots he scouted out years ago is keeping him pretty fit. But then his entire history, back to running around in the Kenyan bush as a kid, has been an outdoors life, and a colourful one at that. . . .

. . . Peter and Trish bought some cane land at Wonga when it was subdivided, built a house and moved there a few years later. He needed a new line and tour guiding seemed a natural fit. He did a TAFE course in guiding and nicked the course title for his own tour operations title. He worked for a while with BTS and thenstruck out on his own.

‘‘Best thing I ever did,’’ he says. He knew he would be a one-man band so made a point of exploring the region’s peaks, valleys and beaches for places to take people – ‘‘my own niche’’, he calls it.

His business got a boost when he received rave reviews from two writers for Frommer’s. His listing in the famous travel guide plus a constant stream of compliments from the likes of TripAdvisor mean he has continued to flourish with his guided tours. His passion for indigenous culture and the values of the Daintree area make him a popular host. Plus there is that bit of charisma of the man himself – that presence and the sense that you’re in the company of the real deal."
Images on this website page are contributed by the Port Douglas Gazette
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