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Be aware – if you hope to experience the Daintree Rainforest at arm’s length, from the security of your coach, this is definitely not the tour for you!

From the moment you meet Pete, you realise he marches to a different drum. Not for him a sleek, pampered city–bred 4x4. He drives the only customized Land Rover safari wagon in the business. A tough but comfortable vehicle, designed for rugged terrain.

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Pete, an accredited guide, is a master of bushcraft, whose knowledge and experience of bush foods and medicines has been gained in three different countries. Expect to be taken out of your comfort zone. You’ll discover his tours are unique - a hands-on, in-your-face and over the top experience. Explore rainforest tracks; touch and taste things you never dreamed you could or would. Learn to view the rainforest through enlightened eyes – those of a master survivalist in bushcraft.

Pete, is a natural teacher who readily shares his vast knowledge. Your day with him is guaranteed to be intriguing, entertaining and amusing – non-stop interaction, as you paint your face, create a toothbrush; acquire a startling blue tongue. Never will you view the humble ant, vine or roadside plant in the same light again. 

Taste Bush foods and identify Bush medicines in an area of pristine, privately owned rainforest, surrounded by the Daintree National Park.  See giant buttresses, liana vines, epiphytes and other fascinating flora; learn to recognise stinging trees. Be the first to spot shy forest dragons, harmless tree snakes and frogs - even an elusive cassowary. Scramble up an unspoilt stream to a series of waterfalls.

Top all this off with an invigorating dip in a secluded forest pool. Eat your lunch (providing you have space after all the home-baked cookies), seated on one of Pete’s special ‘soft rocks’

In all probability, you will be returned to your accommodation late in the afternoon, damp, disheveled and dirty, but with a wide and satisfied grin on your face and a head full of fabulous, indelible memories.  When all is said and done, Pete’s tours are the only way to genuinely experience and appreciate the true rainforest.

What is that on her nose?

"We loved our day exploring with the fantastic Pete!"

Ping, Robert, Luke and Jack

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